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AlfredxReader: Turkey
You grabbed your bag and throwing it over your shoulder you made a run for the door of the class room, sprinting off down the corridor and straight for the exit.
"______! Where are you going?"
Turning round you saw other pupils slowly pouring from classrooms and amongst them you friend shuffled her way past and arrived at your feet puffing and bright red in the face.
"Why did you... run off… so fast?" She puffed at you quickly as you began to walk slowly out the doors, eager to get a move on.
Pushing the doors out into the cool air, you turned back to your mildly less pink friend. "I have a job to get too. Y'know the restaurant in town, that's where I'll be. No clue to what I'm doing but its dad's friend and I'm desperate for the cash." You smiled at your friend and gave a little wave as you broke into a jog to catch the next bus.
Leaving your friend smiling as you hauled the bag strap back onto your shoulder. "I'll catch you there then!" Sophie,
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Kiriban: AusHunPru
Kiriban winners' prize
Office music
Elizibeta sat with her headphones in, cutting out any other sound as she drank her water and took a mini break from her work. Resting her head back she closed her eyes and began to hum to her music.
Meanwhile next to her, Gilbert and Roderich were again fighting over space, each elbowing the other until the desired room was found. Until, again, one would nudge the other before the other could steal the little space between them.
"Why do we have to share this space?" Gilbert shouted loudly at Roderich and huffed as they both gave up on working.
"Because, you kept playing music at top volume so Elizibeta kicked you out of her space and left you to me." Roderich scowled at Gilbert as he rummaged for a pair of massive headphones.
Producing them, his most prized set of noise blocking headphones with enough volume to deafen the person next to him he dropped them around his neck before delving again for his iPod. "Kesesese, nothing li
:iconelberith:Elberith 19 11
AlfredxReader: All Hallows Eve
All Hallows Eve
Tad late but enjoy~
"Alfred… Open the door~"
You shivered while standing on the doorstep of the Americans house. He'd really gone to town on the decorating and the garden was full of gravestones, and hands popping out of the ground were really unnerving you.
"______!!! You made it!!!"
The door had flung open and voices and music boomed out of the front door. You bustled past Alfred into the large front room where others sat quite comfortably on chairs, stools, couches and tables around the room. Other hovered in doorways and on stairs drinking beer and other multitudes of coloured drinks.
"Hi Alfred!"
You found yourself yelling as you removed your witches' hat. You brushed your deep purple dress down and shuffled your feet trying to wake them up again from the cold.
"I had a mountain of work but I think I can get away with a night off!"
Alfred had proposed the Halloween party a week ago, just as you went on your holidays. You'd been vague about go
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GermanyxReader: Soaked
It was still chilly, but this was the best time to visit the river. There were no tourists and the town up river was quiet, making it much easier to draw. You found a spot on a concrete overhang and laid a blanket down to protect you from the cold. You settled yourself on top and spread out your pencils and ink, getting comfortable with a flask of hot chocolate.
It hadn't been long before there was a sudden crash. Looking up you saw a massive branch floating down the river. Suddenly their was a loud yell, "Nein! Blackie![1]" You saw a German shepherd dart from underneath the jut and run straight towards the river. It bounded across the rocks until it reached the end and leapt into the river. The river wasn't too fast so the dog was able to swim to grab the huge branch and smugly trot his way back.
You looked over the edge. There was a blonde man with slicked back hair kneeling on the rocks with a Doberman and Golden Retriever both laying back in the shade. The Ge
:iconelberith:Elberith 98 27
ItalyxReader: Ciao
You charged through the door as the clock in the café struck 9am and run through to the kitchen. Standing behind the door you took a moment to breathe in and sigh.  Quickly, you fumbled in your bag and pulled out a mirror, hurriedly flattening your hair in the mirror. You looked left and right, checking everything. Feeling rather happy you opened the door to the kitchen slowly.
The wooden door didn't comply with your subtle entry and creaked slowly with each movement.
Seeing Feliciano fumbling around in the cupboards you made your way to the table in the centre of the room. Leaning against the wood and smelling the aromas around you, Feliciano turned around with a box of tomatoes. "______!!! How are you? How are the lessons?!" he grabbed you in a hug and squeezed you tightly, then smiled at you. "I-I'm good! The lessons are the reason I was late." You looked down awkwardly to your shoes.
You'd been taking Italian lessons for a month now. You'd started
:iconelberith:Elberith 77 26
JapanxReader: Short Drive
It was an ungodly hour of the morning when you knocked your head on the inside of the car door. Lights flashed past you, illuminating the inside of you eyelids. Your nose was freezing however your body was warm and tucked up inside something… heavy. Opening your eyes slowly only to feel the light aggravate your sore head. You moved and your cover fell. Reaching out to grab it before it fell, the car swerved and a hand reached out just as fast to grab the jacket. "Kiku! Drive the car!" you screamed as another car horn sped past. Caught up in the moment Kiku equally yelled back, "Sorry!"
You pulled the white jacket up, watching the gold dance against it as you realised you'd just slept it Kiku Honda's best jacket. Kiku's eyes darted from you to the road, "Umm… erm… well…" he mumbled as you quickly spun the jacket and placed it upon your own shoulders. You watched the epaulettes* on you shoulders move and shine in the passing street lights. Japan sighed and smiled as y
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GreecexReader: The Beach
The sky was a clear blue and you could feel the sand between your toes. You clung to the rocks as you clambered over them. Looking above you, you could see the arch of the cliff over your head. The water lapped at your feet and you carried on, exploring the beach.
Looking back you could see Feliks flirting with two guys. 'Sorry Feliks but not for me', you thought as you carried on round the rocks. Your eyes widened in surprise as you rounded the corner, only to find an empty, sheltered patch of beach. Hopping down of the rocks you landed in the waves. You'd misjudged how deep the water was and it game up to your waist. The waves came rushing towards you suddenly and quickly you were under the water.
You clawed at the rocks trying to pull yourself up and you saw through the turquoise water a shadow swimming towards you. You felt them grab your waist and legs. Suddenly pain rocketed through the back of your head and you slowly slipped into unconsciousness.
You could feel your head
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EnglandxReader: The band
Mist floated from your mouth as you sat crouched on a rickety old stool in the back car park. It creaked and you slammed a foot down on the floor trying to keep your balance. Repositioning yourself you drew your leg back up and wrapped your arms around your knees. You could see the snow flakes dance against the orange street lights and the screech of a motor bike as it broke to go round the corner.
The thumping music pounded through the walls as you heard his voice singing in the background of screaming fans and drunks. You looked down to the side of your make-shift chair checking on the paper bag at its side. Smiling to yourself you placed your head on your knees and looked out into the cold.
"Kirkland! There's that girl here!" the voice bellowed from above you, you jumped, making you loose your balance and the stool crash beneath you. "That was so not awesome," the mocking face of Gilbert Beilschmidt looked down on you only to be shoved away. "Help her up idiot!" Arthur Kirkland now
:iconelberith:Elberith 156 49
Nothing? FrancexReader
You sat at your wooden work stool. You tied off the last thread and lay the frill down on the desk. You peeked up over to the clock, he was meant to be here by now. You looked back down to your work. Why were you thinking like this, it was only Francis, right?
A rose waved under of your nose. You jumped and you felt hands wrap around your waist. You fell back off the stool and straight into his arms. They wrapped around you as you both fell to the floor, "Bonjour mademoiselle _______, eager aren't you," Francis' voice whispered into your ears. "Monsieur Bonnefoy! What are you doing?!" you exclaimed and clambered up off Francis, who laughed and leant on one arm staring up at you. "What?" you blushed furiously and patted down your clothes, fiddling with the material, as you could still feel his gaze on you. Francis stood up, he took your hand and kissed it gently, "I told you to call me Francis, I've known you for years yet you deny me that?" a glint of mischief was in his eyes. "Monsieu
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Haha, wow, hello :') Gonna say this off the bat, I'm probably not going to post anything new if that's what you're wondering. Sorry ^^; For now anyway.

I've been gone, what? probably two years? (yeah it would be, because I posted my last journal when I had a bf... awks)

Is the Hetalia fan-base still going strong? Wow, it's been so long :')

I might start up a little, random writing pieces account... maybe. Nothing is ever in stone with me...
I started this as an outlet, and well... an outlet would be appreciated now too :')
It's still rather lovely to come back to messages from people. Things like that and the support from here means a lot :) It's what brought me to take part.

Anyway, my life got topsey-turvey and I've found myself back here, typing this. 
But, tell me how you've been, what have I missed?

Much love, 
Elberith xx


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